The HPV expert

Dr Gillian Knight, Head of Biosciences at the University of Derby and a leading HPV researcher discusses the virus and the vaccine in detail.
(18 mins)

The gay man

Benjamin Bloom, Health Promotion Coordinator for the Terrence Higgins Trust South explains why he had the vaccine and why he thinks it’s so important for other men who sleep with men.
(11 mins)

The man with a cancer caused by HPV

Steve Bergman was ‘fit and healthy’ when he got throat cancer as a result of an HPV infection. He talks frankly about this life-threatening experience and why he’s now campaigning for the HPV vaccine for boys.* Watch Steve’s video opposite.
(15 mins)

The GP and mum

NHS GP Kirsty Bonney explains why she’s had her boys vaccinated and how the message about HPV can be spread.
(11 mins)

The boy who has been vaccinated.

It didn’t hurt. A 12 year-old boy has no regrets about having the HPV vaccine.
(3 mins)

Interviews by Jim Pollard

The views expressed in the podcasts are those of the speakers not necessarily those of HPV Action or the Oral Health Foundation.
* In Steve’s interview because of the poor quality of the original sound recording, the interview questions were rerecorded during the editing process.

Watch the video

Made by Steve Bergman. You can listen to Steve’s interview opposite.
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